Uvea and Holistic Eye Care


Uveal tissue includes iris, ciliary body and choroid.

Pathology of uveal tissues:

Inflammation of uveal tissue is uveits.This can be infective,inflammatory or autoimmune. This can be iritis, iridocyclitis, pars planitis, panuveitis, retinitis or choroiditis. Some times it is associated with systemic conditions like joint or skin disorder. Common ocular symptoms are eye pain, redness and photophobia. In severe case visual loss can occur. Complete systemic work up is required in many patient to detect the underlying pathology.

Uveal tumours:
Tumours can occur in the uveal tissue. This can appear as mass lesion, recurrent uveitis,inflammation.Imaging is done to localize the lesion and treatment is given accordingly.

Uveal Foreign Body:
Trauma can present with foreign body in uveal tissue.Special investigations like ultrasound biomicroscopy or anterior segment OCT may be required for localization.

Uveal Cyst:
Uveal cyst is also seen in clinical practice.Imaging like UBM or OCT is done and cyst removal is performed after investigations.

Ocular Examination

Holistic Eye Care

It is a unique concept of preventive ophthalmology under which use of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturapathy, yoga, Meditation and life style management done for the treatment of acute symptoms and prevention of the symptoms.
Yoga hall is active where above all programmes are conducted in the scientific ways.
Changing life style contributes a lot in the pathophysiology of diseases now a days; so life style modification matters a lot for the same.
When chronic ocular condition are there like recurrent allergic conjunctivitis, and many others where only allopathy doesn’t work, we use to take help from Homeopathy , Ayurveda Consultation to get rid of the problems.
Regular practices of yoga , pranayam, meditation works excellent in diabetic, hypertensive, high myopic patient and many other conditions to treat diabetic retinopathy , hypertensive retinopathy.